Saturday, October 22, 2011

T&G Shoot, Style 1

This was such a fun hairstyle! We saw it in a FashionWeek magazine & Gayleigh made it happen! So fun seeing that crimper transform the models' hair. The white 'bridal' outfit was borrowed from a wee shop in Edinburgh. Gayleigh saw it in the window and just walked straight in and asked to use it. I'm so glad she did because it was so cool looking. I think the outfit was designed by the shop owner's daughter who is studying textile design. The outfit was made of a few different pieces of fabric so we had to fiddle quite a bit here and there to made it work but in the end it looked great. It was also quite sheer so before we started shooting Gayleigh ran off to buy a pair of wait knickers for the model to wear underneath. I keep saying 'model' because for the life of me I can't remember this girls name right now...must ask Gayleigh. It's great too because this 'model' (hehe) is actually the reception at the salon. Her hair was nice and long so we asked her to work with us and if you ask me she's quite a natural. I think it's her ballet background that means she can move her body so well. We were actually shooting inside the salon so people were walking by the shop and peering in through the big glass windows. I don't blame them! Seeing a photo shoot is exciting :)

Thank you to:
Gayleigh Chester {Hair}
Hannah Rose {Make-Up}
Lovely Receptionist Ballerina Model - Name 2B Remembered{Model}