Friday, August 2, 2013

Breaking Free of LABELS

Vegetarian. Vegan. St. Andrews Graduate. Christian. Non-Christian. Agnostic. Glamour Photographer. American. English. Pretty. Chubby. Un-athletic. Upper middle class. Ballerina. Food addict. Sue Bryce follower. creativeLIVE junkie. Morning person. Selfish. Yogini. Eclectic. Positive. Winner. Leader. Hippie. Unpopular. The girl that never gets asked out. Advocate & Sponsor for Charities. Prude? Ethical. Eco-friendly. Hater of bathing. Lover of snacks. Non-skinny-dipper. Good girl. The list goes on....

All the words I've chosen throughout my life to describe who I am. I think I feel such a great need to be heard by other people & to be understood. It's really important to me to be understood. I think this is why I enjoy blogging and sharing so much of myself. Hoping that someone out there will sympathize and know where I'm coming from. It's a desire to not be alone. It's scary to be in the world naked...without a label to hide behind.

I want to step away from some of my labels because I've grown into them so tightly that I resist anything that would take me away from them. Yesterday, my friend Heather said that anywhere in your life where you find resistance, that's where you should look to find some issues and something that's not quite right, something that needs to be sorted out. 

A big one for me is my diet... I'm so engrained as a vegetarian and the idea of branching out to even take a bite of fish is really disturbing for me. It doesn't feel like a choice anymore. I feel more trapped by it. Like I'm not free to choose anymore. I fear the consequences of mixing it up and I fear 'going down a slippery slope' to a place I don't think I want to end up. 

I think the solution is probably to just jump in the deep end and force myself to take a bite of fish. Maybe that one act will break a nasty cycle of rigidity.

Anyway, I have lots of labels and I'm trying to peel some off. 

PS: We picked BUCKETS of raspberries down in the valley so we're making jam this week!
PPS: Ironic that I have to 'label' this post.