Monday, August 12, 2013

Why Use False Eyelashes? — Q&A with Makeup Artist Hanna Mazur

False eyelashes! They go on 99.9% of the women I photograph because they add that extra ouuu-la-la! I'm always surprised how many women have never worn them before coming to my studio. As a professional dress-up-player, false eyelashes are part of my everyday existence (even though I hardly ever wear them myself - ha! probably because when I do wear them I refuse to take them of for days!). My clients are always asking about eyelashes so I recruited my favorite makeup artist, Hanna Mazur, to write a wee Q&A blog post for you! How awesome is she! Enjoy learning my friends.... 

Q: What do false eyelashes feel like?
A: The longer and more dramatic the lash, the heavier the lash will feel. Figuratively it feels like two giant butterflies sitting on lashes, :) They definitely take some time to get used to, but once skillfully applied, clients forget they have false lashes on 5 minutes after the application.

Q: How long do false eyelashes stay on?
A: I recommend removing them by the end of the day, they are not lash extension and can thus are not meant to be worn for more than a day.

Q: How do you take off false eyelashes?
A: I recommend applying a little bit of olive oil or an eye makeup remover on a q-top on the strip of the lash, waiting a minute or 2  and then gently start removing them starting from the outer corner of the eye.

Q: What type of eyelashes you use and the type of glue? 
A: I use a lot of Ardell or Red Cherries Lashes. The style varies depending on the eye shape and the look desired. Generally, the taller the person is, the more dramatic lash they can pull off.

Q: Should I use strips vs individual false eye lashes? 
A: Individual lashes are a great alternative to strip lashes. Although they do require a more precise application, they look more natural and forgiving. Most clients who have never had false eyelashes applied are more open to trying individual lashes first. Depending on the style of makeup choose the appropriate glue color, e.g clear for natural, black for more dramatic. My favorite lash glue is by Duo Lash Adhesive by Ardell.

Q: Are false eyelashes really necessary for the photo shoot?
A: Do not feel pressured: although they do produce a phenomenal dramatic effect, false lashes are not a must. If you are not sure of not comfortable having a lash on, there are other techniques which can produce similar effect (although less dramatic), and a knowledgeable make up artist will recommend. Lash glue does content latex, and it is definitely something to consider for people who are allergic to it. 

Hope this helps!


Thank you Hanna! & Thank you Rachel Tuttle for modeling your beautiful eyes for the photo series above!