Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Wardrobe for my Portrait Studio — A Black Tutu & A Floral Shoulder Piece

Last Christmas I made my first tutu — GIANT and snowy white. I let it sit on the mannequin for months, thinking that it was 'too extreme' for the average woman! I was waiting for some rockstar diva that sleeps in high heels. Silly me, making stupid assumptions. Then one day I nervously said, "Maybe you'd want to try on the tutu?" And then BOOM.... I learned my lesson. I offer the tutu to every woman who comes in my studio and I have yet to meet a woman who doesn't feel gorgeous as she glides around the studio in tulle. But the time has come for some variety! I made another tutu this week, fluffier - multiple layers that are all different lengths! This time I used my mom's sewing machine and the tasks was easy-peasy — I didn't even prick my finger once! I boiled the skirt for an hour in black fabric dye and hung it outside off the deck in the sunshine to dry. Of course, once on the mannequin, I needed to spice the outfit up a little with a gorgeous floral shoulder piece! It's my first time making a floral piece like this — it's all pinned together at the moment but later this week I'll plop on a good movie and stitch it all into place. 

Yesterday, one of the most beautiful 15 year old girls in the whole world come to my studio for a photo shoot with her mom & her grandma and she let me photograph her in the new black tutu! She had so much fun — she was literally dancing in frontof the mirror and throwing the fabric around even before I picked up my camera. Stay tuned for those portraits — coming later this month!