Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Draw, Ignore the Fear & Give Yourself Creative Freedom

You know that feeling you get when you've just created something really pretty and you wonder if you should add more or leave it alone? Quit while you're ahead or push the boundaries!? It's a tough call and it's so disappointing when you decide to add more and then it all gets messed up — total disappointment :( So this morning when I sat down to draw, I challenged myself / gave myself permission to keep going until I hit the final wall — until I was no longer curious about what else I could do. I wanted to experiment with letting my creativity explore free of fear of messing up. Where would I go without holding back? (I took a photograph every stage of the way as insurance.) Right out of the gate my blue eraser stained the paper blue. Great.... 

First, I drew the hydrangea flowers with pencil. Then I tried shading. Still not happy. So I painted their outlines but that just looked so cheesy. I started smearing the watercolour paints but that just looked messy. Could I save it? Then I started throwing the paint because I LOVE splattered watercolours! It starts splashing onto her face and I was worried it would look weird to have spots on her face but I kept going. Then I grabbed my can of gold glitter spraypaint! I tried to give her golden hair but accidentally sprayed across her cheek. I tried to rub the paint off with a wet tissue but it turned her whole check blue. I rubbed the blue off with a dry tissue but it tore the paper and smudged all the pencil. FAIL. 

I took the image into Photoshop and retouched her skin smooth :) Hooray for retouching! Then I dropped it into Exposure 4  and added some funky effects & pasted on my logo. It makes me think of a postcard that I'd find in a crafty little bookstore that sells notebooks and Kindle covers that make you wish you could buy them all. ha! 

So, VOILA!! That's my creative challenge for this week — start drawing and don't stop until you literally run out of ideas or reach excited satisfaction — IGNORE the fear of messing up & take photos along the way! Id' love to see what you come up with! Tag me in your photo(s) or email your creation to me at HAVE FUN!