Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Conquering Work-Life Balance with Primitive Activities

Work-life balance. Massive challenge for most of us — especially photographers. But how to do you off that hamster wheel of work? Day after day — computer all day long — Photoshop taking over your life — wondering when you'll be able to sit out in the sunshine without feeling the need to check your emails or tweet something? It's like an addiction that consumes your life. 

I've been asking around lately and I'm starting to see a pattern. Everyone needs to find an interest that is 'primitive.' Something that takes you back to the basics. For me it's gardening (& singing...LOVE singing!). Feeling the soil wiggling through my toes (I garden barefoot FYI). For my friend Sophie, it's playing with children. For my friend Dana, it's running. For Miggy, it's being in water. 

You have to find an interest that is disconnected from the worldwideweb of technology and constant data transfer. You have to find something that you enjoy doing that will be there even if all of our modern technology were to black out and leave us in the dark ages. Something that is REAL.

When you're doing this activity, your mind can wonder freely. It can think about work if it wants to — this is the time when your work problems can be solved with the least amount of stress. It's a time when you get to explore what's going on inside your mind and deal with it. If you don't want to deal with it, it's a time for your mind to focus on other things that are comforting and enjoyable. 

I wonder how many 'primitive activities' are out there. What is yours?