Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to Make Your Home Photography Studio Look More Professional

Setting up a studio space in your home is not easy! Family members peeking their heads through the door, animals slobbering on the furniture (or clawing it to pieces), cats jumping up onto makeup tables, dogs peeing on reflector boards (could someone please potty-train the 'champion showdog' - his title should be revoked! I mean really!?), and then there's the flock of baby chickens growing in the bathroom. Sounds like Old McDonald's [Glamour] Farm, right? ha!

These are my best tips for helping to make your home studio feel more professional:

1. Have the clients enter through a separate door (so they don't walk through the house). 
2. Have everything you need in the studio, so you don't have to leave and go into the house.
3. Decorate the space like your commercial studio... not your house. Don't clutter. Choose funky furniture that stands out, makes a statement and helps people realize they're in a unique space.
4. Use your logo! Put it all over the place to remind people this space is your business. 
5. Display your artwork. Make the space feel like a gallery.  Keep your sample products out (not in the closet). Treat yourself to prints. Make the room feel like a gallery. 
6. Turn your weakness into your strength! Don't apologize for your studio. Instead of saying, "Sorry my studio is in my house. I know that's not professional," say, "Isn't it awesome that my studio is in my house? I have the best commute ever and it makes everything so relaxed & personal!"

Use your artwork, logo & fun furniture to create a glamorous atmosphere. Clients will either love the fact they're in your house OR they'll forget about your house all together.