Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to Make Your Photography Brand Consistent & Recognizable

Today, we're talking about brand consistency. Once you have a brand, it's your job to make sure that the world knows who you are. Our brains LOVE repetition. They say you have to see an advertisement 3 times before it makes an impact on your mind. That's why you're starting to see shampoo companies paying for 3 back-to-back pages in magazines. It's the same ad, three times. In your face. It wouldn't work if each of those pages was a different design, with different colors or a different layout. The consistency is strengthening the brand's presence in your mind.

This is where it gets fun! As far as I'm concerned, the whole world is a magazine! Place your ad everywhere you possibly can. Not just the obvious places. Get creative. Branding opportunities are everywhere!! Plus, with a clear brand and a desire for consistency, most of those tough decisions (like which slippers to buy lol) will be made for you...easy breezy!

Check out this video I made sharing some of the ways I have fun branding my own business. Enjoy!!