Monday, August 26, 2013

Life is Getting REAL real Fast

We are scared. For the first time in our lives, Miggy and I are having to make some grown-up decisions and start living life for real. We got married straight out of university & we've been living with our parents ever since (for the past 2 years). Life has been easy for us. Everything's comfortable. Now we're getting ready to move out, find jobs and live on our own. We're in the final stages of deciding where to live. We've spent weeks researching warm sunny possibilities. San Diego, Phoenix, & Hawaii were all on the list. Portland & San Francisco sounded great but the weather scared us away. 

We've worried about whether we'll have enough money. Can we afford to live in a neighborhood that isn't dangerous? How will we get our cat there? How will we pay bills while we search for jobs? Will I keep my photography business going...full/part time? Can I work for a while and then resume my business? Shall I continue building my portfolio while I'm gone. If I get a job with a paycheck (ahh that sounds nice) will I miss my self-employment freedom too much? Will I miss my grandma too much? What about Cheryl & Hanna. I'm so sad to move away from them. Will all my photography buddies be really disappointed in me for leaving them with unfinished projects? I feel bad about that. How can we keep working together from long-distance? How can we keep thePhotoChicks podcast going? I'm 100% up for finding a way to make it work. 

If I were a single lady I think I wouldn't be so worried. I'm a plunger — I dive right into adventures. I think I do this because otherwise I'll talk myself out of it. It's the same whether I'm starting a business or jumping off a cliff into the ocean. I just have to go, go, don't think, just go!! Miggy on the other hand is a calculator. I mean, the man has jumped off a 60ft cliff into the Mediterranean (nuts, right?!) but when it comes to moving out of our comfort zone into the big adult world, he's been a research junkie. We did 10hrs of math this week — using Mr. Ben Franklin's pro's & con's strategy (see chart below haha!). Our top result confirmed what we already thought... Southern Cali or Hawaii. So we're job & house hunting this week. I've applied to a bunch of jobs. I actually have an interview on tomorrow. We have some dates in mind and our stomachs are tied into knots.  Life's going to get real, real soon. Ugh.