Monday, August 5, 2013

Photography Buddies — One Year In

One year ago this month I drove to Starbucks in Woodinville to meet a lady named Cheryl Ford. We met online on a photographer's forum (The b School) and we were both so excited to finally find another photographer that was actually willing to meet up and play nice. Before that day we were lonely photographers :( 

One year later, we're a duo with plans for world domination. We're building a power circle network of photographers. We co-host a hilarious podcast (thePhotoChicks). We shoot weddings together, behind the scenes for each other, pushing ourselves to the next level, always say "heck yes" to crazy ideas. We're basically on constant speed-dial and I wouldn't be where I am without this wonderful woman who has become my friend. 

I am soo grateful to have you in my life, Cheryl and I am sooooo excited to see where we go together! Keep it REAL & MAKE IT HAPPEN! Happy Birthday this week and Happy Friendship Anniversary this month! We seriously need more pictures together - selfies are the way forward. :)