Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good Reads :: Hungry for Change

Every couple weeks I have tea at my neighbor's house (her name's Heather). Without fail, every time she sends me home balancing a wobbly stack of books in my arms. I read slower than a slug so I'm probably stocked up with reading material for the next two years. One of the books she lent me this summer is "Hungry for Change" — I watched the documentary first. The movie was cool because you get to "meet" all of the people that are mentioned in the book. The 1st half of the book (100pgs) is all the good info + the 2nd half is all recipes (I haven't tried cooking anything yet). 

This book has got me more excited about drinking water than anything else I've ever heard about hydration. It's also got me thinking of sugar in a new way... as a DRUG. For a couple years now I've been avoiding the sweet stuff because I read a book called "Sugar Blues" which gets you thinking about how harmful sugar is for us and how the food industries rely on us being addicted to the stuff and willing to overlook or underestimate the bad effects. Anyway, this book explore into the sugar issue from a new angle that has renewed my desire to eat cleaner food for my health & happiness. 

The basic idea is this: many of our illnesses, diseases & problems in life are linked to our diet. We can avoid these sicknesses all together simply by cleaning up our diet — saving lots of health care bills, adding years to our life + making the years we do have even better. So much of this comes down to eliminating SUGAR — it's way more harmful than we think.

More energy, healthier, happier, fitter, sharper-minded, avoiding medicine & hospitals, and feeling more connected & enthusiastic about life - I think it's worth it.