Wednesday, July 10, 2013

101 Years of Beauty | Dorothy at 92

My good friend Lorenna met us in the parking lot and led the way, straight passed the reception — "I never sign in!" she said — and down the corridor to a door that had a pretty sign on it that read "Dorothy White." Dorothy was waiting for us in her apartment filled with singing teddy bears, beautiful scarves & her souvenirs from her time spent in India. I was pleasantly surprised by her playful sense of  humour and throughout our entire photo shoot I had a hard time keeping my camera still because I was so busy laughing :) She put up with a lot for us and when I thanked her for cooperating she came back with, "I just want to be praised. I'm good person." ha! What a character. Thank you Lorenna for introducing me to your dear friend Dorothy and thank you Dorothy for representing the beauty of women at age 92!