Monday, July 15, 2013

Welcome to America Miggy + Our Minimoon Roadtrip of the PNW

Miggy is here!!! After 9 months of waiting and Skyping he's finally here! He arrived last Tuesday and our reunion at the airport was well....weird. What do you say or do after such a long time apart?! It took us about an hour to feel normal again. We spent the first couple days treating our taste-buds at delicious vegan restaurants in downtown Seattle and we spent the night at the luxurious Willows Lodge (super special treat!) and of course we butted heads at an intense game of mini-golf. 
Miggy survived his first 4th of July with the family; a beverage-filled picnic dinner on the deck and a fireworks show in the horse pasture put on my brother Ian and his crew of boys. Of course, grandma was at the party waving her flag & sparkler :D

We went hiking with some of my friends from high school - out into the glorious PNW rainforests! It's a jungle out there! And these clever wee children were selling lemonade at the bottom of the trailhead! So we bought some...duh!

We followed up the celebrations with a roadtrip up the Pacific Northwest coast. 950 miles of driving, more trees than I knew existed, ice cream from the Tillamook Cheesefactory, sunset on Cannon Beach, a Twilight tour of Forks, Wa & a lot of sleeping in a tent on rocks. Cara (our kitten) came with us — she was nervous day one but by the end she was a traveling pro! Now she loves car rides. 

We're at home now, camping in our tent beside my veggie patch — firepit ready for s'mores! We're sleeping our in the stars & sunshine but it's time to get back to work! So while I'm returning the world of social media & Photoshop, Miggy is beginning his job-hunt & studying for his US driving test (which he's going to Ace!!) and Miss. Cara is busy hunting flies like a rockstar. 

Enjoy the summer sunshine, my friend!