Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wild Goose-Chase for Happiness :: Learning to Love Life Right Now

wild goose chase: the fruitless pursuit of something unattainable

I have no money (for me) in my bank account. There are thousands of dollars in there but it's all savings for taxes, waiting for the bills to arrive or about to disappear when my makeup artist cashes her check. Thank goodness I have amazing parents who are fun to live with because my current lifestyle (that they're making possible) is is in a way different league than my current income. 

Sometimes I cut it too close and the numbers in the bank account are hover dangerously low near "0" and I panic and scold myself for eating lunch with Cheryl at the Thai restaurant instead of saying those embarrassing little words ("I can't afford it this month. It's not in my budget.") Why didn't I just woman-up and suggest a picnic?

I feel like it will all be much better when I have more clients. When I'm earning more money then all the money-stress will go away. But we all know that's not how life-economics works. We are slaves to our lifestyles. If you earn more money, you spend more money, upgrade and get served equally bigger bills = equally empty bank account = equally stressed-out!

Last night I was at my book club and our "Grapes of Wrath" conversation went down all these rabbit holes. 
Our golden lesson: We always think other people are better off. We always think things will be better if things change. We think we need more. We are on a wild goose-chase for happiness. It's time to learn to be content in the present.

These days I'm practicing slowing down & focusing on the 'now' and all the little things that make me happy TODAY. This man has made me happy every day for 5 1/2 years... 

"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present." — Jim Rohn