Thursday, July 25, 2013

"A Last Hoorah" for Two Sexy Ladies in Their 60's

Going once! Going twice! SOLD! 

Debbie was the highest bidder for my photo shoot at the Sacred Heart School Auction this spring. When she called to book her shoot with  me, I asked her WHY? Why do you want to be photographed? It's my favourite question because it really helps me understand the women coming into my studio. Debbie had the best answer ever....

"My friend Lynette and I are both about 60 years old and we're both single. We're looking for a fun ladies day out together, a last hooorah! and if it's not too much trouble do you think we could get some new pictures for our online dating profiles?"

ummm.... YES!

PS: Thank you Debbie for bringing this sparkly gold dress! I LOVE it - wish it were mine, in fact. Promise me you'll wear it to your next hot date! ;) 

Go get 'em ladies!!!