Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Introducing Our New Family Member & Studio Mascot... Cara!

When Lilly the Glamour Kitty went missing last month, I sat on the deck crying for hours. She was SPECIAL. My mom said, "I know from experience that the best way to help mend a broken heart is to find someone else that it can love." So the next morning, we were in the car bombing down I-90 to the Seattle Humane Society. The night before we'd been scouring the pet profiles online. 

I was looking for a female kitten and with every search I did, I kept seeing this one cat. She looked a little crazy like a wild lion baby. No way was that a normal cat! Something unique about that one. Her name was 'Puffball' and she didn't look very "pretty" — my vainity struggled since Lilly had been such a gorgeous glamour kitty — how could I have a portrait studio mascot that wasn't pretty? Well, you would think that as a women's portrait photographer who's always rambling on about how ALL women are all gorgeous, I would see beyond but no.... I'm a superficial human like the best of 'em.

As we drove to the Humane Society, I strained to remember which shelter that crazy Puffball cat was at. I was tempted to adopt her solely on her unique-factor.

When we arrived all the little kittens were adorable and beside them this monster of a kitten was pressing her face to the cage, reaching her paws out. These decisions are so massive because you have no idea what you're getting into. She seemed nice but she wasn't Lilly (and I still just wanted Lilly, I guess). I was so tempted but we left to go look elsewhere. At Petsmart I found a cat that looked JUST LIKE LILLY! But then she tried to bite no. 

As we drove home, we were trying to justify going back for Puffball. I was thinking aloud and when I heard myself say "...there's something SPECIAL about her..." I knew she was the one. Of course, she's different than Lilly but what they have in common is that they are both special and that's really what I was looking for. 

Her online-dating profile had me thinking she had a good personality but she wasn't pretty. As it turns out, our beautiful kitten (7 months old) is actually gorgeous. She wants to cuddle all day long, she plays with the tulle in my studio, she's an adventurer in training (joining us on family roadtrips) & she loves peanut butter. 

We've named her Cara because it's pretty & she looks like a caracal and bonus points because her name in Irish means 'friend'. :)