Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Eve — Kitchen Rave!!

Happy New Year 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you all had a fun evening however you chose to celebrate! I went to Edinburgh to celebrate at my in-laws. They went out for the evening leaving Migs, Carolyn (my sister-in-law) & one of our friends in the house to have a "quiet night in." Well...our quiet evening turned into a fun little rave in the kitchen. I have an app on my iPhone that's a strobe light (iLights) and we pumped up the jams and broke open a bottle of rum and ginger beer that Migs had brought home from Canada five years ago!!! At midnight we went outside to watch the Edinburgh fireworks which were so lovely! My favourites were the big golden ones at the end that got bigger and bigger! 
Carolyn painted my nails (pink with yellow spots - a combination suggested by one of the lovely gentlemen we were celebrating with). It's all chipping off now but it was a fun little combination for the evening. :)

 Me - taking really blurry photos of our rave on my iPhone. 

It was quite an eventful little evening for just the four of us. Carolyn woke up with a wee scrape on her face because she flipped over a fence when we were out firework spotting! Haha! It's been fun teasing her about it :)
We ended our night at 4am and didn't wake up until lunch time :) of the best new years ever simply because it was spent giggling with friends and dancing to fun music! Hooray for 2012!!!!!! Not too shabby for my first New Year with my husband — I finally got to give him a smooch!!
Hope everyone else had such a good time!