Friday, January 6, 2012

Lots & Lots of Colour!

Feet up on the coffe table. Laptop where it belongs...on my lap. Taylor Swift is playing as loud as she goes on my computer. "Picture to Burn" is on reply - I absolutely love this music video. It's one of my all time favourites I think that just because she's wearin a sexy dress, dancing with flames, surrounded by men in suits and wearing a top it's raining sparks. The spark are actually the coolest bit. Anyway, that's totally how I'd do my super awesome Billboard #1 music video! I'm not mad that she did it first though. Saved me the trouble and I still get to sing along!!

Now...more to the point, I've plopped myself down on the couch this evening to make up my mind on the photography products I'll be offering in 2012!!! How very exciting is that?! I've been slightly agonising over it for days, maybe weeks. I think I can be slightly obsessed or perfectionist rather when it comes to my business. I just want everything to be as right and pretty as possible - can you blame a girl for that?

I've got dilemmas swirling through my head like...Should I offer my clients a range of albums covers to choose from or should I choose a signature cover that all Loveducks Albums will have. If I choose one cover, what colour will it be? Loveducks has 5 colours (probably more than colour-experts would recommend but I can't help myself). I love colour and I couldn't possibility just choose one! That would be ridiculous!

As a child, I loved going into Bed, Bath & Beyond and staring at the massive wall of perfectly folded bath towels - every colour you could imagine. I wondered how any adult could ever just choose one for their bathroom. Even if they did manage to choose a favourite colour, as soon as it was all on its lonesome in the bathroom, it would look dull without the contrast of the other colours around it making it pop out.
And so here's my genius theory....always buy one of every colour!!
Colour works much better in teams!

So perhaps, every album size should be a different colour? Perhaps, I can offer a range of 'Loveducks Colours'. Maybe all the albums will have the same cover colour but they'll have different coloured accessories (boxes, ribbon etc...). Whatever I end up doing....I promise you colour. Lots and lots of colour!!

Live colourfully my friends!!!!