Thursday, January 26, 2012

Strong Branding - I Suck At It

Branding branding branding ughh...Everybody's talkin' about it and I feel so lost! I totally get the idea and I see it everywhere I look but when I look at my own brand I feel all frustrated and hopeless. Maybe I'm too attached and need to step back or something. I keep looking at other people's websites for inspiration but all the ends up happening is that my website looks like theirs and that's no good at all considering the whole point of building up a strong brand is that it's unique and makes you stand out blah blah blah.

I feel like it's easy to identify other people's brands because you look at them, see what they like/are like and theme their brand around that. What's the favourite colour? Yellow! Great - your brand is yellow! My problem: I like colour and lots of it! How to choose. Well finally I did - purple, blue and green. I still have two shade of purple, two shades of green and one blue but still for me that's quite narrowed. I like having multiple shades - it keeps the look dynamic and alive. But is that still too many?!  What's your favourite style? Jasmine Star likes fashion so it seems obvious that her style is all fashion & glam & fabulous. Her website/blog is all magazine themed like a fashion magazine. Done!
Everyone keeps going on about how a strong brand (especially for a photographer) is personal. So surely that means it should be easy. I just do what I like and that's me sorted, right?! But I like so many different things in this world that I can't seem to put my finger on just one style. I love rustic, I love chic, I love vintage, I love modern. I love black and white and colour (but not sepia tone!) and I love flowers and wood and feathers and block colours and crazy collages, and swirls and fabric and natuer and music and love and cursive letters and grungy letters! Ahhh! Such love of variety is a good thing but it seems to suck for working out a strong brand! Oh help, somebody, help me.... What is my brand?

PS: My "xoxo" could be part of my brand? I use that all over the place. It's not exactly like I came up with it though, is it?! :( hmmm