Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First 10 Days!

So I've embarked on the 365 Photos project that every photographer out there seems to be doing this year. Well I stand by my claim that I thought of doing it first! :P It's been fun so far but much more difficult than I imagined. The tough part is choosing which photo I'll use since I take dozens each day and then how it should be edited, if at all. Instagram has all its fun little quirky filters and I get all sucked in scrolling between them all, indecisive. If nothing else, this project is inspiring me to lead a more interesting life because if these photos are the highlights of each I guess my life is quite quiet at the moment. I'm spending lots and lots of time preparing for 2012 weddings; updating pricing lists, giving the website miniature facelifts, organising bridal shoots (woohoo I've got 4 this month!) and researching new fun products I can offer. 

I've also started watching Grey's Anatomy again. I'm half way through season 5. I love finding a good show! And New Girl - my husband says I'm just like Jess. I'll take that as a compliment thank you very much :) It's a good thing to sing all day and have crazy cool dance moves!

I got a call this morning from the Scottish Wedding Show. They're offering me a booth at the February show and I'm running numbers and dreaming about possibilities. I have until tomorrow morning to get back to them. Oh what to do... I'd like to book some weddings please...pretty pretty please :) If anyone wants to hire me to save me the expense of paying for a stall at the show that would be absolutely lovely - I won't say no lol. far I've received about 6 entries to the wedding collection competition that I'm running! Hooray! I absolutely love reading engagement stories and it's so sweet that people are sending them it. What a treat :) Thanks!

Have a smashing day :)