Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finding My Personal Style

Here's an idea...

In hopes of identifying my personal style (which from my perspective seems to be all over the wall at the moment) I'm going to Google different rooms of the house i.e. "living room" & "kitchen" and see what comes up. Then I'll pick my favourite photos that make me think "I'd like my kitchen, bedroom, living room etc.. to look like that" or "Ouu.. I want to go sit in there alll day long...." and hopefully we'll start to see a trend. If it helps, then maybe my business will take on a brand inspired by these rooms. Let's seem what happens... (I feel like a crazy person by the way). :P

oh how i love open floor plan
and mixing and matching
and throw pillows!
colour - my darling, i love you so much
awesome fireplace. i love the sofas.
love the coffee table and how clean everything looks
orange & pink used to be my signature AOL IM font colour & background! (good grief that's an embarrassing sentence - that makes me sound reeeally cool) but i probably shouldn't hide the fact that even though im now official a loser I still love it! And awesome awesome furniture shapes & patterns :D i want to recreate this room in my future house this instant!
diagonal furniture makes me happy :D
i love 'outdoor' walls inside
headboard heaven! i love how the beat-up doors and the elegant chandelier go together. i kind feel like that's me - a part of me loves the elegance and the other part loves the grungy

So I think I like white. LOL And it's best with some splashes of bold colour.
I like things that are rustic, eclectic and still elegant & interesting.
So what does that look like in a photography business?

Maybe that's saying that I like things to be clean and simple but still fun.
I like the beauty of elegant things but the to earth-ness of rustic things.

I'll work on it & get back to you. Any ideas? Let me know, please :D


PS: My Ideas for Incorporating This Style into My Business:

Clean white background - check.
A splash of happy colours here and ther (buttons & backgrounds) - workin' on it
Elegant fonts combined with rustic fonts? - i'll look into it.
Elegant design with rustic touches (hmmm) - lookin' into that too 
Is this something I can incorporate into my clothing? Good grief, everyone watch out if I'm going to start wearing white everyday- this could be dangerous!