Friday, January 13, 2012

£2500 Wedding Photography Competition

Very excited to see this promotion published on The Natural Wedding Company Blog today! Woohoo :) Who doesn't seeing their own name in print! lol Anyway, everything she says is true true true! So make your way over to the competition entry form and fill out a few very simple questions for your chance to win!!!

I'm absolutely loving the stories that are being sent in. Each one brightens my day. Life is going along like usual and then bing bang boom - a love story appears on my lap(top)!!!!! Apart from the fact that I just love getting emails from people, hearing about how people have fallen and love and how they've been so thoughtful with their proposals makes me so happy. I get all smiley and can't wait until I get the chance to talk to these people in person (or at least over the telephone lol). I feel so honoured that they are sharing these most special moments of their lives with me - a 'stranger' {I'm not really that strange though if we're honest...really, I promise I'm not. My husband and brother might strongly disaggree but now I've led you down a tangent. Sorry.} To the point - I feel so blessed to be included in these wonderful people's stories. I love being a wedding photographer!!!!

Find what you love and do it because it makes life amazing :D