Monday, January 16, 2012

Annie & Luke Sneak Peek!

Here's a sneak peak of yesterday's (freezing cold) engagement session in Edinburgh with Annie & Luke. We were in the New Town and it was soo cold so cold so cold! We only managed to stay out for a couple hours before retreated to Starbucks (a very happy warm place) :) Annie & Luke were amazing. They ran up stairs, rode the little bouncy creatures at the Princes St. Garden playground and didn't complain once when I asked them to sit on a bench covered in frost. 

After the shoot I spent the afternoon photographing my sister-in-law's shoes and then caught the late night bus back up to St. Andrews. Miggy surprised me by meeting me at the bus station when I arrived and then I walked into the house to find a candlelit dinner waiting for me. He even had jazzy music playing in the background and he was wearing my favourite outfit! He's so lovely — I love him! :D

Today I have to head into town to teach a yoga class at noon and then I'm writing an article for Scottish Woman about wedding photography. Once I've done all that I'll finally get to sit down and sort through the rest of the photos I've taken featuring Annie & Luke's gorgeous faces :D

I hope everybody has a fabulous Monday!
Lots of love,