Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Edinburgh + January = Freezing Beauty

Welcome to the very end of January! I'd like to take you back to the very beginning. It was a freezing New Years Day and I went on a walk with my handsome husband and my father-in-law who has the same awesome curly blonde hair :) I had the chance to see the city from some new angles that made me fall in love with it a tiny bit more...

 There must have been a time in my life, years ago, when I had heard of Edinburgh but had no idea what it was like. I remember Scotland seeming like such a stereotype. Kilts, bagpipes, red hair — I had heard all about it but it wasn't a reality. It was too foreign to be a real place. Besides, nothing exists unless you're there seeing it yourself right? Countries only appear when you are arrive at the airport to experience them for yourself!  At least it always feels that way.
 People, taking photos! It's like we're all trying to capture what we see so we can keep a piece of it for ourselves...

This is the school of Divinity. I applied to study here in 2006 but I choose to go to St. Andrews instead. What can I say? It was destiny, I had to meet my wonderful husband in our first year hall of residence. So I had no choice but to turn down this beautiful building. It was all in the interest of future love :P 

Ah...fairy lights...

Probably my favourite building in all of Edinburgh! I walk past it all the time and it never ever fails to make me slow down and stare. Sometimes I even stop in the middle of the road to just gawk at it. If you don't recognise it, it's St. Mary's Cathedral in the New Town, near Haymarket. It always makes me think of Dracula (one of my favourite books)! Ah... captivating! I'm amazed that buildings like this were built without cranes and fancy calculators! 
Come visit Edinburgh peope - this place is freezing me into a solid ice block but it's a great view!!!!