Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Price & Branding Stress :(

So apologies to all for my late replies this week. Long story short - my computer charger literally started smoking and then no surprise...died. Is that a sign that I've been on my computer too much recently? :P It's been really annoying because I haven't been able to see the photos from the bridal shoot I did last Sunday - the anticipation is killin' me! Thankfully, the new charger is in the mail and hopefully it will show up tomorrow and I'll be back in action. Until then, I'm here sitting in a dark university computer lab that I only have access to thanks to my wonderful husband. Thanks Miggy :D

On a slightly more upbeat note....the bridal shoot went really well. I had a lot of fun with people I've never worked with before and Julie Dutton's dresses were absolutely stunning on the models! They were pretty on the hangers but I had no idea they were going to be so gorgeous when they were swishing around. We also had designer jewellery and bouquets made up by the local florist. I'm so excited to see the photos big (the little LCD screen just DOESN't cut it!)

I also re-listened to Zach & Jody Gray's super duper useful No-Cost Marketing workshop published by Sarah Petty's Joy of Marketing. It was again..amazing and this time I was inspired to buy their resource packet. It waas $99 and purchasing in dollars always makes me happy since it ends up looking like less in pounsd (£59). Migs freaked out momentarily when I told him I paid £60 for a pack of paper but it's been so useful. I've been struggling so much these last couple weeks with pricing structure and figuring out how I'm going to be dealing with clients who can't afford my prices. Zach & Jody (and my mom, dad & one of my best girlie friends) have helped so much!

I've also been stressing majorly about my branding. When I look at other businesses that have become really successful, their branding seems so strong and clear and when I look at my own it all seems so messy and not clear at all :( boo! I find myself dreaming about it and the only time this pre-occupation goes away fully is when I'm teaching a yoga class. I always feels so refreshed afterwards. I really want to work with a professional branding and marketing designer who can tell me what to do. At first I wanted to do it all myself but I've had enough. It's time I started putting all of my attention towards improving my photography rather than fiddling around with my website.

Stressin' with a smile on my face :)