Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wheeley Bin Love

Earlier this week I was talking to a friend who said they were going to go visit their neighbor who was sick in bed suffering from cancer. He said it was really hard to see this older man in this feeble state because all his life he'd been a very active member of the community. Apparently, he was the kind of guy that would be out oiling his front gate so he walked over to oil yours as well. He drove the van for after school clubs and stroke recovery groups and was never too busy to help. The story that stuck with me the most was this one: for as long as my friend could remember this man had wheeled every single rubbish bin in the neighborhood (20 or so houses) in & out each week. He just wanted to make everyone else's lives easier. 


"We can do no great things--only small things with great love." -- Mother Teresa 

In a society where everybody is so concerned with rushing around getting jobs done, buying new things and advancing their own status I found the story of this humble man's caring efforts so moving. I've never met him but I know that he is lying in a bed now not more than a twenty minute walk away from where I'm sitting right now in my house. What an inspiration! I want to be more like him. 

Lots of love to everyone this evening :)