Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dwell in Possibility {Renee Locks}

When I'm working in the Crystal Shop I spend a large portion of my day staring at BrushDance greeting cards. Brush Dance has a large variety of cards but we well the Reneé Locks series. One afternoon I was struck by the idea that I could turn Reneé Locks' meaningful art into a beauty shoot. It wouldn't be too difficult — paint a greeting card onto a model's face!! One side is a flower and the other side is a quote. I plan to do a whole series of these 'Reneé Locks' shoots inspired by her designs. Here's the first one!! Hooray!

In this first installment of my series we have Charlotte Hughes modeling "Dwell in Possibility." Charlotte is a lovely model who used to be a horse jockey! How often do you meet someone that has that on their CV? She turned to modelling after a bad fall resulted in a career ending injury. I'm sorry she was hurt but I'm so glad she's modelling now! She was a joy to work with :)

Dwell in the Possibility of having a Fabulous Day!!!
Thanks for the inspiration Reneé!