Monday, March 5, 2012

Seattle — One Week Update!

Hi everybody :) I hope you're all doing well. I've been in Seattle for a week now. It's been very busy and today I've finally had some down time to check emails, work on fun marketing ideas with my mom & start practicing with my new equipment! I've come to deliver some more Instagram goodness to you. Here we go...

Mom & I found some knit bombing in Redmond on Tuesday! Sooo cool! I've seen it before online & I've wanted to see it in person forever! It's amazing :)

Wednesday was a lovely relaxed day at home with mom. We had a lot of fun working on the fun design parts of my business like gift bags, business cards & employee outfits (hehehe) 
I got to sit in a big chair by the fire :D yay!

My mom treated me to a mani pedi on Thursday so my nails would be fabulous for the wedding! It felt soooooo yummy - all that warm water swirling around :D

I was a very picky little customer. I'd like nude nail pinker!.....more about more coral?.....what about gold?......great! more sparkle!....another layer?.....MORE sparkle please!

After Melissa & Erik's wedding - everything was so calm & beautiful. We headed back to Melissa's parents' home & I happily sank into the couch... 

With a cup of delicious 'Good Earth' (original) tea :D MAJOR YUM!

I was sooooo tired after the wedding. My feet were aching & I think I gave my wrist tendonitis by holding up the camera for 15 hours straight! It was amazing fun though. These past few days have been filled with more bridal photo shoots. I've probably taken 12,000 photos this weekend. My mom helped A LOT and she really got into designing the sets. I loved it! While shopping for snacks we found these stunning flowers:

Right....time to go edit some fotografias :D
Lots and lots of love yall!

PS: Zach and Jody (my photography superheros) received the little gift I sent them in the post today & they thanked me on Twitter. Seriously one of the most exciting moments of my life — I was hopping around & squealing with excitement (my parents looked at me like I was cute but slightly nuts). Anyway, it was so fun to touch base with them personally because they've had such a major impact on my life. They've been such a blessing for me and my photography and my business that I just feel so amazingly inspired by and grateful to them. Thank you so much Zach & Jody!!!! I'm so excited that they now know who I am - yay! :D