Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pick a Card, Any Card :: How about My Card?!

Nothing feels so good as holding a hardcopy of your hard-work.
Last Friday a beautiful package arrived on my doorstep: 5,350 pieces of paper with my name on each one :D That's right folks, new business stationary*!!

5,000 Postcards
250 Business Cards
100 Sticky Labels

These little beauties make me so proud. They're the product of hours of my life spent of Photoshop. I'm so happy to see them printed out. I like them even more now that they're sitting in my office — they're real :D yay!

NB :: I'm in love with my new 100mm Macro lens :D 

PS: Interested in hearing about the design process behind these little creations? I'll be retracing my steps and sharing my favourite printing vendors with you in a couple days! Stay tuned :)

*WARNING: MEANINGLESS RAMBLINGS: Ever wonder why it's called 'stationary'? Me too! I don't like that something (business cards, postcards etc...) that is supposed to be useful in moving my business forward is referred to as 'stationary', a word that is also used to describe something that is incapable of movement. hmmm... Still with me? 
Well, for those who are interested, it turns out that stationary is called 'stationary' because writing materials used to be sold by a 'stationer' — a seller of books & paper. Latin roots anybody?! : statio  = station. And what does station mean?! I'm still not getting it..Anyone care to explain? :P I think I'd prefer to call my business cards 'actionary' until someone justifies the use of 'stationary.' lol