Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brain Teasers of Running Life & a Business

When I was in 5th grade, Mrs. Hart drew a brain-teaser on the white board every morning before lessons began. It was probably my favourite part of the whole day! Some mornings it was easy & other times it was impossible but like everything, once we heard the answer it always seemed so obvious! 

I dare you to take on these bad boys:
I couldn't get them all. :( I suppose I'm out of practice. I've listed my attempts below. Let me know if you solve any more!

Nowadays my morning daily brain teasers aren't simplified on a white board — they feel more like a messy plate of mushy spagetti in my head. They've become more frustrating because i HAVE to figure out the answers; I can't just give up and run out to the playground. Some of them, like #3 are a clear system that I simply need to learn. But what about #6 or #8? So many pros & cons — so many possibilities & hypotheticals — how's a girl to figure it all out? 

When it all comes down to it though, Mrs. Hart turned me into a brain-teaser-addict at the age of 11. So really even with all the occasional frustration, I'm still loving my morning challenges! It's still a fun game; just with bigger pieces, more intense strategy & higher rewards!  

Good luck with your morning brain-teasers, my friends!
Lots of love & solidarity,

1. Forever on my mind
6. The only way is up
9. Once in a while