Monday, March 12, 2012

Back in Scotland!

Hellllo everybody :D

After a wonderful (and very busy) couple weeks in the beautiful Pacific Northwest I am back in Scotland.   I've wanted to do nothing but sleep for the past 4 days!

This morning I'm sitting in my sun-filled kitchen scraping the last bits of peanut butter out of the jar (and eating them straight off of the spoon of course), singing loudly to myself & sorting through Melissa & Erik's wedding photos! Oh, how does one choose?!

I wish I could post a few sneak peeks of their wedding but I was working with another photographer who has the privileges of publishing his work first. I'm chomping at the bit (I don't actually like that expression very much lol) to share these photos though so I will asap, I promise :D

I have a thrilling plan for the next couple weeks that will hopefully keep us occupied while we wait to publish the wedding photos... I have bunches of images from the other photo shoots I did in Seattle, deep words of life-changing wisdom & lots of quizzical ideas that I'll be blogging all over the place! I can't wait! :)

So while I'm growing my waist on peanut butter I'll leave you with a few of my favourite photos from my trip...

A beautiful view of an Edinburgh sunrise:
An equally beautiful view of the Cascade Mountains (home sweet home!):

And my pups have a nice view from the back of the Subaru:

Look what we found driving through Redmond!
For this one, you have to look up for a good view:

Yes mom is a tree hugger :P

View from the dining room — it snowed like 3 times in a week!

We went to a wonderful 'circus' performance that was 1/2 humans & 1/2 horses! It was called 'Cavalia'!

Over the floating bridge! So cool — one side is choppy water & one side is smooth. It's all because of the wind since the bridge is ACTUALLY floating on the water!

Snow! Again!


PS: I've finally made it to season 8 of Grey's Anatomy :D Hooray! I like to have it in the background while I edit photos. It's only taken me like 3 months to watch 7 seasons — I think that makes me kinda hardcore, right? :P