Monday, March 19, 2012

LIFE — Another 'Mindful Posing' Shoot Inspired by Renee Locks

Remember that Brush Dance/Renee Locks Project that I started at the beginning of the year? Well it's still happening I've just been horrible at staying up to date with my picture publishing lately. This little 3 photo series stars one of my favourite models: Emma Hunt! While we were waiting for the MUA to arrive, Emma & I decided to improve the first look by ourselves so I whipped out my acrylic paint and  got my 'Picasso' on! {Painting on skin is so much trickier than painting on canvas cuz its squishy! :P} Scroll to the bottom to check out our inspiration and the full quote (that wouldn't fit on her face — hence our appreciation "LIFE".

Thank you Renee Locks!