Sunday, March 25, 2012

Life Goal Accomplished — Thanks to Soup!

Yipee!!! Today I get to check something off of my "Life Goals" List!!!!
Butterflies are my favourite creatures in the animal kingdom and I've always dreamt of having one land on me. Obviously, if I went to a butterfly farm they're millions of them landing everywhere but that doesn't count. I wanted a "free" butterfly to land on me.

So, here's my story...
I've been editing photos all morning & I figured it was time for a bowl of Carrot & Lentil soup so down to the kitchen I went. Soup boiling...I looked around for a bowl & spoon. Nope - all dirty. I looked at the sink - energy to do dishes right now. So instead, I decided to be cheeky and go fetch some clean ones from our storage room. The storage room has a nice big window so it was full of sunshine and then I spotted this little flutter on the orange butterfly! What was he doing in there? I don't know how he got in. Maybe he just hatched from a cocoon that was hidden in the room somewhere?

On such a sunny day I'm sure he wanted to be outside so I went to open the window. As I walked closer, he just fluttered up onto my leg! It was amazing. He was so delicate and didn't weigh anything (obviously) but I could feel his little legs. Then he flapped his wings and came up to my stomach...then down to my foot. I paused for a moment — where was my camera at a time like this!?! Should I go get it and come back?

I decided it would be insensitive to the wee creature to delay his freedom for the sake of a Kodak moment so I snapped a mental photo and lifted my foot to the window. Off he flew into the sunshine! AMAZING!

My next goal....have a butterfly land on me outdoors (indoors is slightly dubious since he wasn't technically as free as he could be, I suppose).

So what a great trip to the kitchen! I'm sure glad I was craving soup :) Right...back to editing!