Sunday, March 25, 2012

WOMANSONG :: {Mindful Posing Project}

Once upon a time my fab make-up artist Tanya brought a friend with her to a Mindful Posing shoot. This friend just so happened to absolutely stunning. Her skin was like dark creamy butter and her smile & eyes sparkled in front of my camera! Instead of writing any inspiration words on her face, we just painted on beautiful golden cherry blossoms (see inspiration at bottom of page) and wrapped her up in luscious golden fabric. Half way through the shoot, Tanya looked out the window and saw a big fluffy plant and suggested we invite one of its branches into our shoot. So we did and suddenly our golden beauty turned into a tribal goddess (hehe). We had so much fun imagining she was traipsing through the African bush stalking lions! Look at this gorgeous woman! 

Are you sitting there thinking to yourself...nice pictures but aren't you a wedding photographer? What a fantastic point you make, my friend! :) Rest assured, I adore doing these beauty shoots in their own right but at the same time they are perfect practice for my wedding photography. I get to experiment with lighting, posing, new camera settings & of course, editing. They also give me the chance to really play around and get creative — push the limits of my imagination and grow as an artist. 

The more I practice this stuff with models on my own time, the better prepared I'll be for shooting your wedding with great technique & imaginative ideas. See?! Shooting people — it's all related (and oh so wonderful)! Love it! :D Plus, I just love love love beauty photography — the human face is fascinating and awes me every time — nothing like catching the light in someone's eye!

Have a beautiful day!

"Womansong: Balance & Harmony in a Feminine Key" 
Gwen Suesse