Tuesday, February 28, 2012


You may have noticed that everything is looking a little different around here. The website has changed, the colours are different, and biggest thing of business' name has changed! For the past few weeks I've been undergoing some massive rebranding and it's been exciting and nightmarishly draining. I'm soo happy that it's all sorted now :) I can return to living life in a healthy fashion (i.e. not glued to my computer fretting over colour palettes hehe).

I know many of you may be sad to see Loveducks Photography disappearing because you like my little ducks that are so cute or it's a whole lot easier to pronounce than my name lol I completely sympathise and believe me when I say that the decision was a big one involving hours of debate, stress and toing & froing. In the end, for various reason, we made the decisions we did because we believed that in the long run the changes would be most beneficial for my business.

That's the short version of the story. If you'd like the behind the scenes details, buckle up and I'll take you for a little journey into the depths of my branding dreams & nightmares...

Everyone seems sad to see the Loveducks fly away. I suppose they couldn't stand the chilliness of Scotland any longer. (jk obviously lol). We decided to change the name to my name because essentially, I  am the business. When a client hires me to shoot their wedding they are hiring my personality, my skills, my creativity, my ability to tell their story etc.. I also aim to make my business as personal as possible. I want to get to know my clients and become friends with them. So you see, the more personal the name can be, the better.

I literally spent weeks, every free second I had, agonizing over which colour(s) to use for my new brand identity. It was so difficult because I love them all & it was so important to me to get it all right. In the end I went for white, black & turquoise. I plan to write a whole post in a couple days analysing all the colour strategy to pieces for you hehe

I pretty much stuck with the same website format. Vertical menu bar with left scrolling panel. I tried different layouts but in the end this is still the winner. It just feels good to me and seems to be relatively unique. Yay!

So to make everything even more complicated (and fun at the same time), not only did I have to design the 'perfect' website, but also that website had to flow nicely into business cards & packaging material. It all had to go together & let me tell you...just because it looks good on the website, that does not mean it will look good printed on a business card. Phew!

Part of all my stressin' and sleepless nights was the desire to have my brand identity really represent who I am as a person and as a wedding photographer. I've really struggled to identify a clear style in myself because I feel like a Ven Diagram of personality types. I've got a little bit of everything. My clothes tend to be soft & girly and I am usually quite gentle around other people but then if I get excited I pretty much explode in all directions with energy & I love bold colours but I also love soft vintagey looks and all this just left me lost in a pile of torn out magazine pages desperately searching for my personal style. Again, turquoise seemed to be the solution! hehe

I will definitely be blogging more about all these things in detail (I'm excited to talk about the colours!) over the next week or so. So if you're interested in what goes on behind the scenes of rebranding a wee personal photography business, stay tuned!

Lots of love to you all,