Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blue Sky Bridal Shoots :: The Snoqualmie "Express"

Already seen the sneak peek? Ready for some more styled bridal goodness?! Well, here they are - yaiwoo! This shoot features: another GORGEOUS dress borrowed from Blue Sky Bridal, two super sexy models (Shelby M. & Andrew Hutt), a cute little town called Snoqualmie (about an hour away from Seattle) that was "pre-scouted" out for us by a handful of Hollywood set directors, stunning make-up by Hanna Mazur and the rather lovely living room of my parent's neighboors (ha!)

So back to the beginning.....

Ugh! This dress, this dress! I love :) Platinum coloured fabric photographs soo beautifully! I've never seen a wedding gown with such an amazing train! It was literally delicious to shoot — I couldn't stop myself from taking 'just one more photo!' To get this shot we took advantage of my parent's super high ceiling & hung the gown from their chandelier! Then we popped out the flashes for some draaama!

Again...LOVE THE DRESS — look at all those pleats!! I suppose that's a good thing since this whole shoot revolved around showing off the dress for the wonderful ladies at Blue Sky Bridal!

The beautiful bouquet was designed by Theresa White, florist (& family friend). It's original purpose in life was for Melissa & Erik's wedding {which I'd shot the night before this shoot}. We gave it a second life — win win!
We asked Andrew to sit at the piano and pretend he was playing. HA!! In retrospect...what a ridiculous thing to say. He sat down all right...and then started playing jaw-droppingly beautiful music that had been composed by none other than...that's right...himself! wow.
We snapped these portraits in the ubber-beautiful living room of my parent's neighbor's home. {The fireplace wall is make of cherry wood.} She was so kind and accommodating despite the fact we swooped into her house, worked quickly, moved around her furniture & didn't even have time to stick around for a cup of tea! Some people are so gracious :) Thank you Suzie.

This was another shoot that my wonderful mother helped out with. This was actually our first proper shoot together & it was so great having her by my side. She thought of everything and had so many fresh ideas for poses and fun scenarios. She came up with this adorable pose where Andrew was peeking over Shelby's shoulder. You've got skillz mom!
Again....that dress!!!!!!!

So after a brief serenade & a cuddle, they set off on their 'honeymoon.'

What better way to travel than by train? And what better trains to hitch a ride on than super old rusty ones that haven't moved an inch in decades! They were so cool. These trains decorate Snoqualmie on tracks that run across the entire town. It's essentially an old train yard in the middle of a town :P

Hello, Mr. Conductor man. My husband loves this shoot. He thinks it looks just like a movie set. That's not surprising though since (as I mentioned above), this town has appeared in a few Hollywood films. It's so full of personality.

Andrew was amazing! We had him run after his woman again and again — the poor guy practically spent the whole after pretending he was late ha!
My dad tagged along on this shoot too! He's also a photographer (I think it's fairly obvious that I inherited my passion from him :P) and he was busy capturing me at work. I rarely get to see myself behind the camera so it was so much fun to go through his images! You never look as cool as you feel though, do you?! :P

If you're wondering where the super stylish luggage came from...I believe it's from my grandparents house. Although...maybe we just found it in my mom's closet? The moral of the story is....take advantage of everything your friends & family have to offer you (materials, services, connections & genetics) and you'll be able to make something beautiful!