Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scottish Woman Magazine :: Article #2!

Another edition of Scottish Woman is out on the shelves right now :) Flip your way to the middle of the magazine and you'll find yours truly! I know the editor likes "Top 10 Lists" so I thought I'd help all the Scottish brides out there by putting together a list of 'The Top 10  Tips for identifying a Great Wedding Photographer." 
Writing this list gave me the chance to reflect (more than usual hehe) on my own customer service & skills. As a result, I feel like someone's lit the little fire beneath my desk-chair that's got me bouncing up and down with excitement. Helping people prepare for their upcoming weddings & more importantly, for their marriages is so much fun. Receiving their emails, seeing them laughing in front of my camera or smiling big when they see their photos is so incredibly. I genuinely feel so honoured that these couples who have hired me are welcoming me into their lives on such a massive day of their lives! It's incredible! The least I can do is make sure they know how grateful and excited I am for them!

I think it's really sad to see wedding photographers who don't show a sincere interest in their clients. I think photographers like that may be better off considering a different branch of the industry. Maybe food, sports or landscape photography? Of course, not all brides want a touchy-feely super enthusiastic photographer so on second thought, maybe there is a place for everybody in this massive market. So I guess I should worry less about what other photographers are doing and focus more on talking to my own audience: so...if you're a bubbly bride who wants to make a new friend — I'm your girl ;P

I just realised that I never got around to posting about my first article for this magazine. It was all about how to plan a green / eco-friendly wedding. Again, another Top 10 List. I particularly liked how this page was designed. Green is such a pretty colour lol We accompanied this article with photos from my wedding (really cool to see them in print :P).

What shall I write about for next month's issue? Any ideas ladies (or gents)?