Thursday, December 5, 2013

Crystal's Maui Bikini Portraits at Waipuilani Park

While on vacation in Maui, Crystal decided to do a photo shoot at sunset so she could take home some island beauty. We took all of her pictures at Waipuilani Beach Park in Kihei - starting beneath the Kiawe trees (so many prickly little thorns to watch out for), moving on to some really cool palms and finishing (of course) in the sand as the most GIANT SUN I've EVER seen was slipping beneath the horizon. Crystal is from Vancouver, BC so I'm sure it was a nice change for her to be able to lie on the beach in a bikini and feel warm! Crystal does some acting and it was fun to hear about the different movies she's been in. When I hear someone has been in a movie, I'm always so tempted to become a total stalker and find them in the background haha. Crystal was really patient with me as I experimented with this bright Hawaiian light that I'm still getting used to. My main focus these days is figuring out how to shoot specifically for black and white images, as opposed to just turning some images B&W as an after thought when I'm back at my computer. Basically, I'm learning to shoot black and white images ON PURPOSE! haha It's a different ball game. I love it. :)

Thank you Crystal for such a fun photo shoot. You were super sweet and I hope you're staying cozy toasty warm back home!