Friday, December 6, 2013

My 25th Birthday Photo Shoot

Last week, just before the sunset on my birthday, I treated myself to a photo shoot. I grabbed the balloons that the ladies gave me at work, pulled on a pink dress, fluffed up my pigtails and took a walk with Dorothy (my camera) down my favorite beach in Maui. I had a few weird looks and lots of stares but everyone else was just jealous that they didn't have balloons and an awesome camera. well, let me tell ya, it's so exhausting doing self portraits — I kept having to run back and forth, setting the timer on the camera and figuring out where I had to stand to be in focus. I'm just lucky I don't look sweaty in these photos haha. Anywhozie, I thought it was be a kinda crazy kianda fun thing to do for my 25th burday and now I'm so glad that I have these silly photos for myself. Happy Birthday to Me! Enjoy!!!