Friday, April 19, 2013

The More You PUT OUT, The More you get IN!

Do you have a dream?! A goal? A vision? 
But are you struggling to make it happen? Are you afraid? Is something slowing you down and getting in your way?
I understand. You desperately want to move forward but you just can't seem to figure out how to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

This month, I've been living by a new motto...

The more you put OUT, the more you get IN.

Genius, right?! I've just reversed the age old mantra that's meant to inspire kids to try harder on their homework. Simple BUT it seems like every day this month it's proving truer than the day before.

-I publish a video and BOOM I receive an inquiry from someone who wants me to make a video for them.

-I share a project concept with a new friend and BOOM now they're my partner the project is moving forward again!

-I "put myself out there" and go to networking events and BOOM I've got new clients who are referring new clients!

So here's the golden egg....STAND UP. Shake it out. Stop sitting around and hoping. Stop planning and brainstorming. Put one baby foot in front of the other and then take a GIANT LEAP. Stick your tongue out at fear and start to MAKE STUFF HAPPEN. That simple. Just Make it Happen! Put yourself out on a limb. Put your work out into the world. OUT OUT OUT. and before you know IN comes the clients, IN comes the connections, the money, the referrals, the confidence, the success! 

You have it in you! Let it out!