Friday, April 26, 2013

Overcoming the Fear & Stress of Making Decisions

"So often in life we have TWO GOOD options to choose between." 
— Adrien Craven

My new friend Adrien Craven and I went out to Zoka Coffee in the U Village this week. The Seattle sunshine poured down on us as we chatted outside on the bench (shockingly beautiful weather) and we met a friendly wee dog named Phoebe. We talked about the, our handsome husbands, and places we'd like to travel to. I mentioned that when it comes to traveling...I'm really not your first pick for a back-packing buddy. I'm much more into settling down and becoming a local for a few months. 

Adrien took my little comment & launched into a beautiful explanation of how we approach life. So often, we are stressed about decisions...afraid we'll choose the wrong option and regret it. BUT if we stop looking it things as "right" and "wrong" choices and start viewing life as a path that we're walking down, each decision becomes a fork in the road — one fork leads to one adventure, the other fork leads to a different adventure. Neither path leads to where the sidewalk ends ;)

So whether you're a backpacker or a lover of being a local, don't get stressed about the forks in the road.... get excited about the adventures that await you regardless of which direction you head.