Monday, April 1, 2013

Beauty Sleep & Efficient 4hr Work Days

I disappeared for 1 week. No emails. No phone calls. No editing. I read 3.5 novels, tried cross-country skiing, sat in the hottub and walked until my knees ached. I finally watched The Hunger Games, found a new BBC show called "Seven Wonders of the Industrial World" (which rocked my socks) and  launched attempt #2 at following the Candida diet (a no sugar, no yeast etc.. diet but makes me feel awesome!). 

My grandma told me I look rested. Miggy told me I have my sparkle back.
I can't wait to wake up, eat spinach & go to the gym! Sounds like a miracle happened!

This was the first "vacation" I've taken since Summer 2010 when Miggy & I worked at a yoga retreat in Portugal. Since then, I've come home for Christmas (but I was studying for exams); I went to Portugal, Seattle & Hawaii (but I was shooting weddings or getting married myself); I've taken one day off here and there or even a rare...get ready for it....weekend!! I thought these breaks counted as rest because I wasn't working at full speed...well it turns out, they don't count for much. Day by day I was working myself to the bone without given myself sufficient time to recover. My youth & enthusiasm blinded me to how unhealthy I was being.

Then finally, last month...BOOM! I crashed. I tried all sorts of little tricks to boost my energy. Nothing worked. So I went to Whistler with my mom for 1 full week of unplugged bliss. I didn't even want to see a computer.

When I sat down at my desk yesterday morning, ready to get back to work, I made a to-do list and instantly, like evil evil magic, I felt this sick feeling burst into my chest and I felt stressed & rushed. 

So I scratched out the to-do list and decided I'm going to simplify. Instead of working full 8hr days, I'm going to try out half days — 4hrs of MORE EFFICIENT work per day. If I can complete the same amount of work in less time, I'll have 4 extra hours of play & rest time each day! That sounds amazing. I'll keep you updated on how it pans out!!

Oh and GREAT NEWS UPDATE: Miggy got a letter from the Visa Center today saying we've completed the application paperwork and he can now proceed to his medical & interview! Woohoo!!!!!! I'm so excited we're making progress & I hope he'll be here by June/July to enjoy the Seattle summer with me :D

Treat yourself to something fun today! It's the first day of pretty April, afterall!!!

PS: April Fools Day is my least favourite holiday. I'm nervous all day long, worried about seeing gullible written on the ceiling. I do enjoy fooling other people though, but I'm a "switch the salt & sugar" kinda trickster. Play nice, people. ;)