Monday, April 15, 2013

Before & After Editing :: Akari Beauty Shot with "Adobe Photoshop CS6" + "Alien Skin Exposure 4"

Zooming down I-5 and I was struck with inspiration! I want to photograph the pink cherry blossoms! 

"You better make it happen FAST because they'll be gone in a week," said Cheryl - I scheduled the shoot for the next weekend. Hanna Mazur did hair & makeup as we watched the rain slash down against the windows. At the UW, we hopped over puddles of hail. We turned the corner to the quad, I was so excited to see the orchard of pink was brown and drench. No blossoms. As the thunder boomed overhead, the lightening flashed and our team ran for cover in a stairwell. 

"Make it happen people! Remember, we're hardcore!" Cheryl and I took turns shooting our two models for this "spring time" senior girls portraits photo shoot. We shot in the stairwell using the red brick & pink stone walls. I attempted backlighting the girls through sheer pink fabric — final results of that experiment weren't that impressive lol. I left the shoot discouraged, convinced that I had totally flunked and I was embarrassed that I would have to tell the girls that I wasn't able to give them any images (because like I said...I sucked...I got nothing!) Bummer. Another rough day full of lessons learned the hardway. 

But hallelujah, when I sat down in Photoshop I found a way to save the day...all thanks to a little creative retouching and wonderful plugin called "Alien Skin Exposure 4" I recommend it 100% to anyone who loves playing with fun film-like effects and creating images that have a painterly feel to them.

PS: I probably ate about 500g of cheese last night but it was SO GOOD. A delicious combination is: BREAD + BRIE + MUSTARD + HONEY + WALNET. Stack em up and don't worry about the fact it's going to drip everywhere!