Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Oscar "Thank You" Speech :: Full Credit & Love to My CREATIVE TEAM!

Most people don't like doing things alone. No one to share the memories with. No one to laugh with you as you stand on the stage embarrassed. No one to push you into the spotlight when your knees are trembling. So we make friends and we grow trust and we build teams. Teams of wonderful friends who all have different life experience, an array of talents and a plethura (I hate how this word is overused but whatevs) of visions & ideas. 

My creative team is my rock and I love them! They are my power circle. They're ready for anything when I send midnight emails with ideas for photo shoots at 6am — when I ask them to stay behind the scenes for 4hrs they stay for 8 — when I tell them my crazy photography project ideas, they don't tell me I'm crazy (in fact, they jump on board with bells & whistles, themed outfits & kettle after kettle of hot tea). So thank you Hanna, Cheryl and Mom (oh, and of course Lily my Glamour Kitty). You four bring joy to my life and I love each of you. Not everyone is so lucky as I am to have such an incredible power circle team — I am TRULY GRATEFUL.

Hanna Mazur is my hair & makeup guru. I love working with her so much I schedule my shoots around her schedule! We met in March 2012 when I asked her to join me for a bridal photoshoot in Snoqualmie, WA
Ever since then she's been my #1 go-to-girl for every shoot! Her presence is tranquil, encouraging and soo enthusiastic about our fun ideas — I love it! Everyone who meets her loves her and her talent....well, she has magic in those brushes! 
Cheryl Ford and I found each other on the b-School in Summer 2012 — both of us searching for photography soul mates...or anyone that would reply to our emails. We met for coffee once. Then twice. We talked about creativeLIVE and how we'd both been excited to get emails back from Jasmine Star ;) She second shot a wedding for me in November 2012. Then we just dove in head first — project after project... if one of us had an idea, the other was on board. No need to ask. We'd be there — behind the scenes shooter, second shooter, partner, co-host. Cheryl & Chamonix taking on the world. Have you listened to our podcast?! thePhotoChicks
And then there's mom. Everyone thanks their mom when they get an Oscar. I thought they were just being polite until I realised that moms stay up late researching the best deals on new camera lenses; they wear fat suits so you can practice posing curvy women; they bake cookies for your clients; they let you borrow their car so you can haul giant styrofoam boards home from Home Depot. That's why we thank moms when we win awards...because without them, we wouldn't be winning any awards...we'd be sitting around wondering how to balance 3'x10' styrofoam boards on top of a VW Beetle in pouring rain. Ain't gonna happen. I'm mean really...if nothing else, I've inherited at least 50% of my talent & personality from her, right?!

And we mustn't forget the little one that brings us joy and brightens up the studio. Miss. Lily the Glamour Kitty. She's learning to wear pearls and she sharpens her nails on fancy furniture. She lounges on sparkles, chases satin ribbons and nibbles on tulle. She never misses a photo shoot and she always makes us smile. We love you Lily. You are a beautiful lady with leopard spots and a fur coat. ;)
Get ready world because this team is unstoppable!