Monday, April 8, 2013

Starting My VIDEO Adventure :: Behind the Scenes of Edmonds Engagement Session

I'm a lover of recording data...especially when I can start recording right from the very beginning of a project. After every ice skating session & squash lesson I would race home and write down what I did, what I learned, what I sucked at & what I'll work on next time. Reading back over the notes means I won't forget how far I've come AND I get to watch the things that used to be under my "Sucking At This" category eventually graduate to my "Nailed It" Category = Feels Great! 
Cheryl workin' it on an alleyway staircase that gave me the most awesome aerial views (later on).
So here I am at the beginning of a new adventure. I'm diving into videography for 3 reasons:

1) Because video is freakin' amazing & fun.
2) I can use it to promote my photography business.
3) It can help me capture & tell beautiful stories better than I could with only still photos.

So, here's what I'm packin' on this new journey: 
My first day of video adventure...

I joined my friend Cheryl Ford for an engagement session in Edmonds, Washington. I was the behind-the-scenes girl. I HAD A BLAST taking pretty pictures without the pressure of directing. I probably looked like a spastic race car driver as I ran to and fro across the beach with my funky new Fig Rig. I bet all those spectators thought I looked reeeal profesh!
This is my favourite photo from the day. I just LURV it.
Photo 1: Cheryl & Moi Chillin' on the Curb
Photo 2: Back of the Camera Goodie
Photo 3: In the video editing room! ;)