Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Episode from thePhotoChicks (KICKOFF Preseason) + Video DAY 2

thePhotoChicks :: Episode 8 :: KICKOFF Preseason with Cindy Yetman
Cheryl & I are starting a new podcast series called "KICKOFF" that's geared towards helping newer photographers who are establishing their business. Each episode of KICKOFF is following the journey of individual photographers; hearing about their progress, goals, concerns, fears etc... Our first "player" in this fun series is Cindy Yetman! I photographed Cindy back in February when I hosted a bachelorette party in my glamour studio. She's a gorgeous woman and I'm so excited to walk beside her on this adventure!

30 Days with Chamonix :: Day 2
It's Day 2 and life is still pretty awkward here in front of the camera...but I have faith it'll get better. Thanks for putting up with me through this. ;)