Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tough Travels + My First Day at creativeLIVE

Had to pay extra for my heavy suitcase.
Nearly missed my connection in Heathrow. 
Thought my lungs were going to explode after sprinting through the airport. Plus I got a blister on my foot.
Airlines lost my bag.  
Couldn't find Amanda at the airport. Did she forget about me? (We found each other eventually.)
Got home — yay!
But couldn't find my teddy bears (really wanted to cuddle with them — yes, I'm a big baby.)
Woke up early. 
Couldn't find my clothes (mom had packed them away.)
Couldn't find my car keys.
Found them in a drawer. Car wouldn't start. Battery dead.
Wanted to call grandma for help. Couldn't find her phone number.
Walked through the woods to grandma's & we called AAA. 3 hours later they fixed my car battery.
Arrived for my first LIVE day at creativeLIVE late. was all worth it because I got a Kenna Photo!!!!!!! Yippee :)

Very cool being at creativeLIVE — rather surreal to see it all in 3D, but very cool.