Saturday, October 27, 2012

Women Helping Women :: 31 Bits

Hooray for companies that are using their power for good! Recently, I've stumbled across a few beautiful businesses that are helping women. That's a massive soft spot for me so here's a little BLOG love for 31 Bits, one of these awesome crusaders of change....

An organisation founded by women for women — after my own heart!

During their senior year of university, 5 women (Kallie Dovel, Alli Swanson, Brooke Hodges, Anna Nelson, and Jessie Simonson) dreamed of giving Ugandan women the opportunity to help their war-torn communities recover & live sustainably. 

Their dream became a reality as they created 31 Bits, utilizing fashion to empower these women in Uganda, giving them a platform to re-purpose paper waste into beautiful jewellery that can be sold worldwide! 

I encourage you to hop on over to the 31 Bits website right now, find a piece of jewellery that makes you smile, and choose to be a part of this amazing movement. Be the kind of woman (or man) who stands up to help women when they need you most.

PS: 31 Bits campaigns always include the most gorgeous images! I can't wait to shoot a campaign for them one day. Ah! I just had an to pursue some dreams now. Have a fabulous day!