Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My First Glamour Portraits :: Jan, The Woman I Want to Photograph

Jan is the woman I want to photograph; the reason I want to be a glamour photographer. Jan arrived on my doorstep for her photo shoot on a cold rainy summer morning in Scotland. She seemed a little nervous and perhaps a wee bit shy. 

"Why did you respond to my advertisement for models?", I asked her. She said she'd wanted to model when she was in her 20's but never did and she figured it was about time she gave it a go. 

"How did she find my advertisement?" Apparently, her teenage son had been searching for jobs on Gumtree and seen it. She told him he should apply but then he noticed I was only asking for women. "Maybe I'll do it then," she said. "Who'd want to photograph you?" was his response. I understand that he's a teenager and thus prone to harsh criticism of his parents but it broke my heart to know that any woman would feel or be told that she was not worthy of having her portrait taken. 

Clearly, Jan's son had simply not yet had the opportunity to realise how stunning his mother is. I made it my mission that day to show him. For the moment I heard her story I've been more convinced than ever that I want to photograph Jan and every woman out there just like her. I want to create a safe space for her, where she can be accepted for who she is, however she is, and together we can find, emphasize & celebrate everything about her that is beautiful.