Thursday, October 25, 2012

Playing with Portraiture :: Re-Retouching Images

Finally, I'm seeing some sort of progress towards my goal of creating porcelain smooth skin. I'm still no expert but after a year of struggling with presets I'm celebrating a little breakthrough! It's all thanks to the Imagenomic Portraiture Plugin for Photoshop (recommended by Sue Bryce) and a few handy Photoshop tips I picked up from Lara Jade during her creativeLIVE workshop Fashion Photography 101!

I'm a lover of looking back at my older work to check my progress, so I grabbed an image from my very first glamour photo shoot and re-retouched. :D Check it out...

Please forgive the awkward hand. I know better now ;P
Yaiwoo for retouching tricks! Have a fabolicious day!